Simply CLICK, SAVE then GOLF!
Simply CLICK, SAVE then GOLF!

How Our Site Works

So, you want to know how our site works? That's a great question and we're glad that you asked!

Our site is really very simple. Once you are a member of our site, you will gain unlimited access to all of the discounts that we have available. There are 2 different types of discounts for you to choose from and they are listed below...

Super Saver Discounts
  • Best Discounts with Huge Savings!
  • These are the Best Discounts Offered by the Course
  • All Courses must offer at least 1 Super Saver Daily
  • Limited Availability so jump on these right away!

Standard Discounts
  • 2 for 1 Greens Fees, Percentage Off and Many More
  • Unlimited Availability
  • Defined specifically by each course

Now that you know about the different types of discounts you can find on our site, let's tell you how easy it is to get the discount. When we say "Simply CLICK, SAVE then GOLF", we mean it!

How To Get Your Discounts
  • Browse Discounts with "Discounts" button above
          - or - Search Discounts with "Search"
  • Select your desired discount
  • Click on "Get Discount Code" button
  • Confirm Your Discount Order
  • Get Discount Code on Next Page and in E-Mail

How To Redeem Your Discounts
  • Contact Course to Setup desired Tee Time
  • Give Discount Code to the Course at Check-In
  • Course gives you the Issued Discount when you pay
  • Discount Marked as "Redeemed" in our System
  • Go GOLF!

We know that you're ready to get started so we want to tell you what's next. All you have to do is become a member of our site and start saving immediately.

How To become a Member
  • Click on any "Log In" link on our site
  • Click on the "Create Account" button
  • Fill In your Account Information and Submit
  • Pay for your Annual Membership for only $9.99
  • Start getting Discount Codes Instantly

Additional Discount Info
  • Discount Codes available for Instant Use
  • Discount Codes are Valid for 60 Days
  • No Payment required for Discount Codes
  • No Tee Time required to get the Discount
  • Discount Codes E-Mailed to you Immediately

It's all really that simple! If you have any additional questions, we ask that you check out our FAQ's section for further details. If you still have questions then please feel free to contact us via the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of our website.

So what are you waiting for? Start saving on all of your golf today and JOIN NOW!